Volunteer with Us


Are you an accomplished coder? Have you put together interesting events? Do you have a track record in fundraising? If so, we need YOU!

Brussels Binder is looking for volunteers to be part of our growing community working to give the women of Brussels a voice! If you are inspired by our mission and want to support us by offering your skills, please contact us at contact@brusselsbinder.org.

What can you do for the Brussels Binder? There are many ways to get involved! We are particularly seeking talented individuals to join us in the following areas:

  • Events Organisation: Apply your creative and organisational skills to help us showcase the Binder to a wider audience.
  • IT & coding: Help us keep the Brussels Binder active and up-to-date!
  • Fundraising & Partnerships: Keep the Brussels Binder networked by creating an attractive proposition for partners and helping them engage.
  • Communications: Get the word out so that the Brussels Binder is on every social media channel and everyone is talking about us.


“It was thanks to the social media that I got to know the Brussels Binder. I didn’t hesitate a second and got in touch just to share my support! The team was so nice and asked me to join the fundraising event as a volunteer. It has been a pleasure – and a lot of fun – to know the rest of the team and attend the get-together. As a Brussels-based young woman, I can only keep supporting the initiative!”– Chiara, European Commission

“I had a great time volunteering at the Brussels Binder fundraising event last March. Even though I’m not with the core Brussels Binder team, I immediately felt welcome, like my contributions were really appreciated. Not to mention all the fascinating, brilliant women experts I got to meet! I’m looking forward to helping out again at the launch event later this year!” – Rebecca, EPC

“Helping out with the Brussels Binder fundraising event was both fun and inspiring, I am glad I took part in this concrete initiative to tackle the underrepresentation of women in the EU policy debate”. – Eva, Ifri