The Brussels Binder is supported by senior decision-makers and Brussels influencers. We are grateful for their help in our efforts to create more diverse panels, bring women experts to the forefront of policy debates and change the face of decision-making in Brussels.



The Brussels Binder partners with leading organisations across the corporate, non-governmental and foundation sectors. Our partners share our vision of achieving gender equality and increasing the quality of debate through more diverse voices that are representative of the societies they serve. They are committed to giving women a voice in Brussels.

Interested in supporting our cause? Your organisation can become a partner of the Brussels Binder through offering support and resources, as well as giving endorsement and actively using our database. If you would like to find out more about what a partnership consists of, and how your organisation can be part of our growing movement for greater gender diversity in decision-making, please contact us.


The Brussels Binder is proud to have partners which support us in our strive for more gender diversity on panels and better policy-making in Europe.