Press Corner

The Brussels Binder has brought media’s attention to gender equality in the EU policy debate. Our initiative has been quoted in various news outlets.

11 October 2020, Il Messaggero, “Quando parlano solo uomini, la campagna per la parità anche nei convegni

17 July 2020, Politico EU Influence, “POLITICO EU Influence: Council transparency win — Business recovery demands — Videogate update

11 March 2020, EU Observer, “A credible and accountable EU foreign service? Not yet

5 March 2020, Medium, “Why Board Diversity Matters for Associations

5 March 2020,, “Charlotte Brandsma van Growfunding: ‘Coaching van projecthouders is belangrijk‘”

24 February 2020, Sitquije, “Cuando los formadores de opinión son siempre los mismos

18 February 2020, International Journalists’ Network, “A handful of experts dominate debates in Flemish media

12 February 2020, ELLE Belgium, “Quand les femmes qui réclament leur titre sont « immodestes »

6 February 2020,, “BITMilano 2020: in programma il panel “Donne nel Turismo: dove siete finite?”

3 February 2020, Trade4Dev News, “Hanna Norberg: On instigating a new, and growing, trade community

22 January 2020,, “Gobierno aboga por visualizar talento femenino en debates de asuntos europeos

14 December 2019, Apiceuropa, “CESE : Svelati i cinque finalisti per il premio Civil Society 2019

14 December 2019,, “Jedna z deseti ulic pojmenovaná po ženách je málo, tvrdí italské hnutí a apeluje na změnu

13 December 2019, Government Europa, “Gender equality prize rewards women’s empowerment in civil society

13 December 2019, NRA, “Briseles projekts – vairāk varas sievietēm

12 December 2019, Vita, “L’associazione italiana Toponomastica femminile vince il premio Cese della società civile

12 December 2019, European Economic and Social Committee Press, “Italian organisation “Women’s Toponymy” is the winner of the 2019 EESC Civil Society Prize on gender equality

4 December 2019, EU Reporter, “EESC reveals five front-runners for its Civil Society Prize 2019

18 November 2019, Sardinian Post, “Convegni al maschile, nessuna scusa: “Ecco il database delle donne speaker”

8 November 2019, Corriere della Sera, “#tuttimaschi ai convegni? Così sono «manel», non panel: qualche idea per cambiare

2 October 2019, EU Scream Podcast, “EU Scream Podcast

23 July 2019,, “From not knowing to doing

14 July 2019,, “#sonotuttimaschi: anche qui qualcosa si muove contro i “manel”

29 May 2019,, “Donald Tusk wants ‘gender balanced EU’ as he vows to end ‘jobs for the boys’ culture

20 May 2019, Politico Europe, “Factor episode 4: What Europe can learn from around the world

15 May 2019, Politico Europe, “The 14 women who could take over the EU

26 January 2019, Brussels Express, “Too few women at the table: 5 ways to improve gender balance in EU policy debates

5 September 2018, Café Babel FR, “Brussels Binder: Women bursting the European Bubble

4 September 2018, Il Sole 24 Ore Magazine, “Aggiungi un posto alla tavola rotonda

15 June 2018, CEIS, “CEIS strengthens its Brussels presence

31 May 2018, Café Babel IT, “Brussels Binder: come portare le donne nel dibattito europeo?

18 May 2018, Hay Derecho, “Sobre la iniciativa “No sin mujeres” o como combatir la falta de visibilidad femenina

27 April 2018, Café Babel UK, “Brussels Binder: Women bursting the European Bubble

24 April 2018, Financial Times, “Ending men-only panels is a spur to creativity

3 January 2018, IPS/Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, “Bound no more

21 November 2017, Euractiv, “In a time of strong men politics, how do women (re)group?

9 August 2017, Euractiv, “Never underestimate the influence of a Brussels conference organiser

7 August 2017, Communication Works, “Why diversity matters: NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN

5 August 2017, Bruzz, “Bûûmplanters halen kaap Growfundingactie

3 August 2017, Euractiv, “Brussels, where are all the women experts?

3 July 2017, Euronews, “The Brief from Brussels: Campaigners seek end to male-dominated conferences

3 July 2017, El Confidencial, ““The Brussels Binder”, una plataforma para dar más voz femenina a los debates

28 June 2017, DG CONNECT, “Towards a new normal: greater gender balance in Brussels events

19 April 2017, De Standaard, “Vrouwelijke experts samen op Brussels Binder

21 March 2017, EU Reporter, “#BxlBinder: Brussels, we have a problem. Where are the women?

26 February 2017, Bruzz TV, “Brussels Binder wil meer vrouwen in EU-instellingen: ‘Niet meer aan de zijlijn’

18 February 2017, Politico’s Playbook, “Unlikely source of fake news — Binder of women — Gaffes and laughs

4 February 2017, Lavanguardia, “(DES)IGUALDAD DE SEXOS: ¿Sólo hablan ellos? No, gracias

3 February 2017, Paris Match, “The Brussels Binder, un outil pour ramener les femmes dans le débat européen

3 February 2017, Politico’s Playbook, “Binders full of men at Commission International Women’s Day event