Think Tanks

Think tanks are institutions whose purpose is to study and analyse policies, generate new ideas and data, stimulate debates, at times advocate for particular socio-political changes, and educate citizens about a policy idea or issue. They are an essential product of modern, democratic, and open societies. They are central to Brussels, Europe, and the European policy-making process. A considerable number of women work in think tanks but few of them are really visible or recognised for their work and expertise. With the challenges faced by the political establishments – disenfranchised electorate, disinterested youth or populism – and the effectiveness of policy implementation, it seems like an opportune time for think tanks to also reflect on their way of working and effectiveness.

So, members of an informal network of women from Brussels-based think tanks – who eventually became the steering committee of the BXL Binder – appealed to their own and other policy institutions to endorse and support the BXL Binder as a means to support a progressive cause and improve their own ways of working.

Here is the list of think tanks and policy institutions and similar organizations that have signed up: